MEDIAMISE is a London-based media consultancy and production firm. It’s name is inspired from the two words “Media” and “Maximise” because the founders believe that media can maximise impact, improve lives, empower people, solve problems and create opportunities.

MEDIAMISE is the exclusive representative of a group of experienced consultants who gained invaluable expertise from working with the world leading media institutions including The BBC and Reuters.

Our clients are governments, media institutions, NGOs and individuals who look forward to improving their media performance through long and short development projects which include training, consultancy, workshops and regular assessment.

We produce social media video reports and programmes in addition to TV programmes and documentaries.

Why You Should Choose MEDIAMISE ?

1- Our Concepts 

  • Maximising your impact and opportunities.
  • Providing unique international experience to the Arab media market.
  • Using media for development, raisinging awareness, solving problems and creating opportunities. 

2- Our Experts 

  • Work with the world leading media organisations.
  • Support you with short and long term development projects.
  •  Arabic and English speakers.
  • Have academic knowledge and professional experience. 

3- Our Clients Get

  • Tailored training, consultancy and production services based on their requirements and budgets.
  • Free membership in “MEDIAMISE International Network” to get update on latest technology, techniques and opportunities.
  • Exclusive opportunities to work in MEDIAMISE production projects.